the dental healer

his is a website about dental healing.

–  Robert Godbout

My goal for this site is to provide solid evidence and proof to show that anyone (myself included) can fully heal dentally.

Dentistry could be very healthy, except that it’s also designed to be profitable.

It’s a supreme irony & paradox that the healing professions, being partly profit-driven, make less profits when people are very healthy. Maybe this is a fundamental paradox from the beginnings of time.

But it’s true: the fewer repairs you have the healthier your teeth are going to be. The less the teeth are “worked on” the happier they become.

The use of mercury-amalgam in dental restorations is an evil chapter in medical science. Mercury is one of the most toxic poisons known. Using this powerful neurotoxin for dental implants is a premeditated violent assault.

Going to a dentist often entails anxiety and pain. Healing always ought to be happy and mostly painless.

The body usually knows on a subconscious level if something is healthy for it or not. Could it be that dental anxiety comes mainly from the knowledge that healthier options exists, but are not being used? 


Dental healing is an exciting subject. It will be one of the greatest adventures ever. We re on the cusp of a true NATUROPATHIC DENTISTRY. It will be the greatest advance in dentistry – ever.    


Dentistry is about to change BIG time: Naturopthic dentistry is around the corner and there will (for the first time ever) be a choice.

There is a new breed of healing-dentists and these true professionals are much more aware about all the many risks involved in modern dentistry. In fact, these are the REAL PEOPLE we all admire for their integrity.

Healing dentists are risk-takers. They work in a for-profit profession but they truly care about being as healthy as possible, regardless of opportunity cost.

Dentistry is a monopoly so there is only the one kind of dentistry legally allowed. AT LEAST FOR NOW …

I’ve put some of my manuscript chapters into a Folio 11 & 12 ; I’m asking $5 <via this link> and I will send you the password to access them.


Horse traders know some serious stuff that most folks don’t know. 

Teeth are extremely vital to the overall health of the body. Horse traders, when looking over a horse they wish to purchase, often go: “Open wide” .. for the true picture.

So why is this dental inspection so important? Well, it just is. They can quickly summarize the age and condition of most any horse that way. And really, humans are no different.

The teeth are a primary source of many chronic maladies in other parts of the body, when the teeth aren’t ideally healthy. This has to be of much concern. The body is vitally interlinked.


To sum things up a bit:

1- Healthy teeth will almost always translate to a healthy body. There is a direct connection.

2- Teeth can and should be restored to their original pristine condition. They are living tissue, and living tissues are designed to heal.

3- Healthy teeth can have a supremely beneficial effect on the intelligence and the consciousness. This is because very toxic some substances such as mercury-amalgam has extremely negative effects on the sensory-motor skills.

4- Releasing toxins from unhealthy dentistry will become a kind of rebirth for you. Do it. Get the toxic amalgam fillings replaced as soon as possible. 

5- Dental healing will give us insights on how things work. On many levels.

6- Why not aim to heal, not 50%, but 100%. Why not go for the real prize? If you tell your dentist that this is what you want and you will not compromise, and the dentist scoffs at you, FIRE HIM.

6- Our teeth should return to their original condition.

7- Teeth WANT be 100% fit and well. They are living organisms. They are not mechanical objects. The dentist is trained (in 4 years of expensive dental college) to think of the teeth as MECHANICAL OBJECTS.

8- Dental students are taught to term the mouth and teeth an “oral cavity”. Hello – It’s a PASSAGE, not a cavity. There are many openings to it, many flows. There’s a nasal passage. There’s an air passage to the lungs. There’s the obvious food passage. How can they call it an oral cavity (implying it has a fixed solid base) unless, of course, they are short a few crayons?

9- Having a “decent set of crayons” is extremely important today.

10- A new executive director for public dentistry in the U.S. is actually a veterinarian. This should tell you a lot.

11- If you speak with healers they will tell you that the body knows how to heal because it has its own built-in mechanism for this.

12- The body also “knows” how to heal the teeth, and it will heal the teeth if given the proper conditions for doing it. This “knowledge” is as much about rejecting much of current dental practices as it is about doing new things. 

13- For a lot of people, their teeth have been “worked on” so much (that is, mechanically worked on for profit), that there’s not much left of them. To heal from all this malpractice will require a lot of perseverance.

14- Current dentistry is pushing hard on new profitable techniques, such as crowns and implants. These very lucrative treatments. However there are usually many much cheaper and much healthier alternatives.

15-  “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

16- Our teeth are designed to be as robust and strong as any other part of us. If they aren’t then there must be a logical reason for it.

17- We can absolutely come back from the abyss of dental damage and begin to restore our teeth back to where they should ideally be. This won’t happen overnight but it will happen.

18- To really heal dentally, we’re going to need to listen to our “inner voice” a lot.

I have a book called “The Adventure of Dental Healing”. I’m looking to serialize it for optimal readership. But for the time being I’m putting it on this website for free. I’m profit-driven too … But I also have been blessed.