the % question

Here’s a basic question: Dental health accounts for “–%” of overall physical health.

I was asked this by a naturopathic dentist in Seoul. My answer was “over 50%”. I based this on the fact that horse traders consider the horse’s teeth as the first significant indicator of a horse’s health, as well as telling its age with high accuracy.

Another way of saying this is that chronic maladies have their source in the teeth and oral health around this % of the time.

This dentist pressed me for a more exact figure. I replied, maybe 70%. This is saying that wellness of the teeth gives a 70% chance of identical wellness in the rest of the body.

I’m going to give examples here of people who said this figure is closer to around 90%. For example, Reinhold Voll, who was a well-regarded dental researcher, said that there’s a 90% chance that chronic maladies have a source in the oral health. This would be an astonishing figure.

The reason this figure is important is because of the missing subject matter in all the TCM. Traditional Chinese Medicine has some VERY thick textbooks …like 1000 pages and more. And when I looked inside these textbooks, there was almost nothing pertaining to dental health.

Maybe one page, maybe less. Which means one thing only: It was all removed.

For any TCM practitioners and students reading this site, do let me know what you think about this. And do suggest clues if you wish to, as to where all this vital information is currently stashed. 

You sure don’t want to willingly be working in such a compromised field of study, do you? I sure wouldn’t, especially if I was paying top tuition fees for it.

This is the beginning of a deep forensic investigation.

I’ve got a few ideas about where it’s all stashed. And when. Maybe it started getting torn out of those TCM texts around 1949 (but maybe earlier) when a certain regime came into power. Deemed too important, no doubt. Are those times of censorship over yet? Sure would be nice.

Bottom line is that the original TCM had textbooks that contained detailed analysis of dental health. Those pages would be quite amazing. I’ve started to uncover this missing corpus.

I need to be careful, because healers today sometimes come under attack from the dark side which profits from synthetic drugs (which don’t heal and which often have negative side-effects).

Healing is very idealistic but it’s also a war zone.